We have identified a substantial gap in the Indian school education system that is more inclined towards a memorization-based-approach limited to textbooks rather than addressing the curiosity and creativity of youngminds. We want to increase their scientific aptitude and introduce to them the concepts of genetics early in life through an interactive approach of comics, story telling and picture ebooks. If they can actually visualise how karyotyping looks like, how DNA looks like, how genetic counseling works and have the opportunity to interact with geneticists, it will add a new dimension to their learning. We want to make learning effective and interesting by introducing the concepts of genetics through comics, colorful illustrations and picture e books.


We, as a diverse team of scientists, scicom enthusiasts, illustrators and educators would like to bring a difference and by communicating the concepts of genetics with ease of comics and colorful illustrations making learning more fun, effective, and engaging for school students. We envision it to be used as additional study material in schools, thus giving school students opportunities for science outreach that go beyond formal biology education, imparting them with knowledge of genetics for a better understanding and decision-making of personal, family and community health. In this initiative, IoG will be an excellent platform to launch the project at the pilot level and provide it nation-wide perceptibility

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