Make Your Own Comics

Image-based storytelling is a powerful educational tool. Comics combine story and information simultaneously, and seamlessly, than almost any other medium.

Have you ever wondered why? It is because the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it processes text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do i make my own Comic from Video?
A. That’s very easy, just watch the video!

Q. Where do I download Comic Life 3?
A. More details in the video

Q. How long does it make to a comic?
A. It takes anything between 30 mins to 1 hour

Q. Can i pick any video to make a comic?
A. Yes!

Q. Do i need a Google Chorme Browser?
A. Yes, You do!

Q. Is Comic Life3 Free?
A. It is free for 30 days
Q. Should i pay after 30 days?
A. If you are a students, Yes!
If you are a content creator/educator please contact us.

Q. Will i be given creative credit if i make comics using the resources provided by you?
A. In Video to Comics, Rights shall remain with the video creator
If you use resources provided by us and create a comic, due credit would be given to the Educator and the Comic will apprear on our content section.


Q. Should i create only Educational comics?
A. You can create any comic that would help children/Adults learn.

Q. Should i stick to NCERT curriculum framework while creating Comics?
A. We give priority to NCERT curriculum but if you are an IB/IGCSE/ICSE/State Board Educator, you can still contribute and your comics would apprear in the relevant section.

Q. Will i get a remunaration for Creating Comics?
A. We are a Volunteer driven organisation and Unfortunately we would not be able to offer any remunaration.

Q. I have a lot of questions on my mind, can i contact you?,

Q. How long do you take to reply?
A. We reply within 24-48 hours, unless there is massive natural calamity and we dont have access to the internet :